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Here is the story:

It all started with a bass guitar and I began writing and recording music as a teenager here in Geneva Switzerland. It seems I have been doing this all my life and I am still very passionate about it.

As a result I eventually found mysel in the position to manage every step of the Music Production process. From writing the draft up to making it sound like a record.

I also like being consulted for melody work and ideas.

I have been performing as a singer, bass & guitar player on stage and in the studio for many years and I am now mainly concentrating on writing and producing for other artists.

Although I am basically more of a Pop/Rock guy, I have done a variety of styles such as: Hard Rock, Rock, Pop, Electro & Groove oriented music.

I wrote, recorded & Produced the first english album for Albanian performer Orgesa Zaimi.

Being an experienced protools user I also do digital audio editing and audio production work.

I would be glad to consider all opportunities so feel free to get in touch.

Thanks again for your visit,